Project Overview

Behr Paint User Research

During my 2nd summer at The Behr Paint Company, I focused on User Research primarily on Millennials and Gen-Z. Behr's Analytical Agency identified that their DIY section did not have strong user engagement. DIY Stands for Do-It-Yourself and has a web section with the sole purpose if providing DIY Projects for home improvement. My research revolved around identifying new areas to create engaging content to increase user engagement.

Director of Product
Senior Digital Manager - Mobile Apps
Project Manager
Digital Intern | UX Research - yours truly


The Problem

Decline in Engagement with is seeing less user engagement within their DIY section which serves to give consumers insightful home improvement projects. Behr conducted their own research and realized Millennials are soon becoming the new buying power. Behr aims to identify ways to attract them and keep them engaged.


The Misconnection and Bridging the Gap

Once presented with the problem Behr was facing. I theorized this: If consumers such as Millennials and Gen-Z are exposed to vibrant/exciting environments through both physical and virtual experience at a point that it has become the norm. Can this concept transcend to home improvement?

I believe there is a misconnection between the home improvement world and a millennials. Thus, I plan to research their environment and identify areas to develop content that relates to what they are exposed to which should lead to a more enticing experience while browsing Behr’s DIY site.
Deeper Insight

Identifying the Demographics

I began by pinpointing the age groups.

Millennials: 24 - 38
: 14-24

Though my research was primarily geared towards Millennials, the upper half of Gen-Z was catching up, so I decided to include them as well. From there I began to research what they were being exposed to for example communities, trends, lifestyles, technologies, and events etc.

Desktop research allowed me to pinpoint 3 areas worth exploring.

Fashion takes the world


HYPEBEAST - someone who follows certain trends because it’s consider popular. In other words, people are considered HYPEBEAST if they buy overpriced clothes because it’s limited edition, artist-backed, and shows a social status; all referred to as the “Culture.”

Estimate - $300 Billion

"You have to get your ticket!"

Music Festivals

Just as the name suggests, a large festival where numerous artist come! Different genres include: EDM, Hip-hop, RAP, and Country. As this phenomenon continues to grow, companies are influenced on how they should market their products.

83% Attended to escape Daily Grind
29% Attended one in the last 12 Months
80% Likely-to attend if Artist affects a Positive Change
$1.2 Billion generated during Coachella.

Saving the world

Save the Bees, the Turtles, the Earth

Millennials are very health conscious not just with their food but with their environment and well-being as a whole. Technology allows them to be consistently viewing health related issues they may be experiencing. They are also conscious of past generations’ impact on the environment and see the importance in change.

55% Are concerned about the Environment
42% Increase in Sparkling Water over Soda
70% Say they take into account a Companies Environmental focus when making purchasing decisions.

A new point of view

Behr vs Them

I created this illustration of what Millennials and Gen-Z are exposed to vs what Behr is currently portraying in their projects.

Seeing how there is a clear difference in the type of content in terms on aesthetic, vibrancy and emotion I began to formulate an A/B to help quantify the difference in content.

Selecting the Test

A/B Testing

I began by identifying what user group I would conduct the study on. With the summer internship program going on and each having a mentor I had an easy route to gather Gen-z and Millennials. I pooled together 24 People with 12 being Gen-z and 12 Millennials.

Gathering Data

Google Survey

I created a survey to ensure my pool wasn’t biased, I wanted to make sure not everyone hated DIY but also that not all loved it either.

I sent out these 3 basic questions
Are you interested in DIY?
Have you done a DIY project before?
Have you been on Behr’s DIY site?

A/B Component

What Component will I Test?

I decided to test content imagery for the DIY project, since the project thumbnail presented the most information visually. I wanted to study if having content that related to my prior findings would lead to higher engagement.

The 2 Test

DIY UI Iterations A and B

I created 2 version of Behr’s DIY site with Adobe XD. One with the current content and one with new vibrant content. I send out Test A to 12 ppl and Test B to the other 12.

With Test A holding the better content I made sure only 4 images were vibrant, this would make sure Test A wasn’t too biased.

Some cool enticing projects Test A held
Floating Skateboard Shelf with Coachella Vibes
Recycled Pallet made into Mobile Dog Bed
Basketball High Ceiling Plant Vase
Vibrant Grass Wall and Shoe Shelf
Tracking the Results

Test A Results

I sent out another Google Survey with the following questions.

Was there any projects you found interesting?
If yes  to Question 1. How many?
Did you click on any projects?

Tracking the Results

Test B Results

Seeing Test B results was very reassuring and confirmed testing content imagery was the right variable to test. Though on same areas there wasn’t a huge difference, it was clear displaying enticing projects related to a Millennials environemtn was having a positive results.

Research Outcome

Hunting for DIY Influencers

With my findings I began to research if there were any DIY’ers currently creating trendy projects. I aggregate as many as I could and analyzed their follower count across all their platforms. I made a list of influencers that would check the list to create enticing content for Millennials and Gen-Z.

By Aggregating these Influencers follower count I ensured we made the most cost-effective decision when ever Behr would move forward to contact them.


I was super excited on the results of the project. I feel this will really help Behr tap into new demographics but also differentiate them from the rest. With this direction Behr’s DIY site has the potential to truly be its own entity in providing creative home improvement ideas to Millennials and Gen-Z!